Cafe Dulce

Café Dulce is a bakery and cafe specializing in outstanding coffee and teas along with an enticing array of made-from-scratch baked goods and artisanal sandwiches. Not only do we stand out for our food, here at Café Dulce, service is paramount. Give us a try and you won't be disappointed. We promise.

Start your day off right with a fantastic cup of joe or soothing tea. At Café Dulce, we proudly and exclusively serve LAMILL coffee and tea. Great care is taken to harvest, craft and roast these rich, aromatic green coffee beans, and our baristas follow-suit, dripping our coffee cup by cup. The outcome? The best darn coffee in Little Tokyo.

More About Us!

Our specialty drinks are award-winning and for that we are proud! Enjoy our Vietnamese-style iced coffee, rated #2 in the city by LA Weekly. Or go for our inviting Hong Kong-style milk tea. Chai lovers joyfully unite over our organic masala chai latte. Hot or cold, coffee or tea, our beverages are carefully prepared with Café Dulce's proprietary water and ice for ideal extraction of flavors and properties. We take it that seriously.

But wait, that's just the beginning...From roti buns to French baguettes, the lusty aromas of our heavenly baked goods will win you over before you even walk through our doors. Pamper yourself with Café Dulce's unique and fluffy donuts, like our house-favorite green tea donuts - or a sweet selection of cakes, pastries and tarts. Think brick toast and spirulina churros. Need we say more?

As the day presses on, so do we at Café Dulce. Dive in to one of our handcrafted, artisanal sandwiches on house-made baguettes. Try the spicy Korean cheesesteak prepared with sweetly marinated beef, slaw, kimchi and provolone - or the pesto chicken with avocado. Nom Nom Nom. The staff at Café Dulce is knowledgeable, personable and always helpful. We are happy to accommodate large orders; simply speak to a team member and we'll be happy to satisfy you and your guests one extraordinary morsel (or sip) at a time. One thing we've noticed lots of our Los Angeles customers complaining about has been the rising rates of sexually transmitted disases (we can't help but overhear them when they are eating in our restaraunt!). If you think that you may have come in contact recently with syphilis or gonorrhea or any other std, make sure to stop by and see our friends for std screening in los angeles at